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Shenzhen Tims Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd
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[ Company News ]  Today, the second shipment of the whole plant equipment of the compressor electrophor     2020-6-11
[ Company News ]  Happy Labor Day     2020-5-1
[ Company News ]  Salute the battle hero     2020-4-4
[ Company News ]  First shipment since 2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak     2020-3-12
[ Company News ]  Another full-automatic enamel production line for water heater inner tanks has entere     2020-8-6
[ Company News ]  Today, we're going to work. Good luck!     2020-2-13
[ Company News ]  Notice on commencement time after the Spring Festival in 2020     2020-1-30
[ Company News ]  Our company was invited to participate in the American Enamel Technology Forum     2018-10-30
[ Company News ]  Our Company Contracted GEELY Automobile Assembly Plant of Dynamic Synthetic Line and      2016-6-15
[ Company News ]  Warmly celebrate our company successfully passed the appraisal     2015-12-26
[ Company News ]  Our Company Successful Released the Technology Exchange Seminar of "Development and A     2015-12-2
[ Company News ]  Our Company Will Take Part in the Chinese Enamel Industry Association for the Two Ses     2015-12-2
[ Company News ]  Our Company Tims Successfully Won The Bid To Build The Solar Powered Enamel Water Tan     2014-5-22
[ Company News ]  Tims Successfully Won The Bid To Build Haier’s Two Solar Powered and Air Powered Wat     2014-5-6
[ Company News ]  2014 New Year Address (Speech)      2014-3-13

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